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What is Salchata?

👉Salsa & Bachata Choreography

Are you looking for a fun way to learn how to dance? Joining us at Salchata!

👉We call it Salchata because the playlist combines Salsa & Bachata music. But first, we will go over basic steps and choreography.

👉Open to all levels!

Get a good cardio workout while learning dance steps. This is mainly a single dance; however, depending on the group's composition, we can practice in partners at the end.

👉We'll guide you through the basics of Salsa and Bachata moves, then will add the steps to the choreography.

Come and dance!🕺💃


Salchata is a dance class that combines salsa and bachata. It's not something you won't see in the ballroom, but that's what makes it so unique: it takes the best aspects of both dances into one fluid routine.

Salchata uses 4/4 timing with a 1-2-3 "pause." The result is a fun and exciting dance to perform and more accessible to learn than either of its components.

Salsa is used for the footwork, and bachata for the hip rotations

In salsa, your feet are the primary source of movement. The hips move independently to add emphasis but are not as heavily involved in creating the flow and rhythm that comes from footwork.

However, in bachata, hips rotate much more than in salsa: they're more active and fluid throughout the dance. In this dance style, people move their whole bodies around much more than they do in salsa.

The speed of the music influences which style will be used more heavily

The rate of the musical influences which type will be used more heavily, and this is not just a matter of preference. As it turns out, salsa dancers have been found to use their arms in ways that are different from bachata dancers. The faster the music, the more salsa will be used; the slower the music, the more bachata will be used.

Salsa and bachata

This combination is right up your alley. You'll learn the steps from both dance styles in one class!

You can expect to learn all about Salchata in our next lesson! Check the schedule


I think Salchata is an excellent mix between salsa and bachata. It combines the best of both worlds into a friendly and powerful playlist. If you're looking for something different from your regular dance class, I recommend trying this out!


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