Each Zumba Fitness ® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. You can join Latin Soul Dance Studio in The Hague and burn between 500-900 calories during one hour of mid-to high-intensity Zumba.

Sweat it off by dancing with Zumba fitness

Can you find a better way to keep yourself fit than sticking to your fitness routine by simply dancing to upbeat music? That's possible with Zumba fitness offered by us in The Hague.
Here you will find an intense dance routine that will make you sweat and feel happy at the same time.

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Don't Just Reduce Weight but Get into Shape

 Zumba fitness will help you get fit by giving a suitable workout as per your requirements.

Generally, a calorie deficit is highly associated with weight loss, but even an ailment can make you lose weight if you look closely.

Our Zumba trainers are well versed in developing cardio that increases your strength and endurance, which results in remarkable, regardless of your age or health conditions. Zumba is for all!

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Choose Zumba to Enjoy Your Workout

Gyming can be pretty monotonous, and after a specific time, it becomes difficult to enjoy the exercise.

However, in the case of Zumba, it is always exciting, and in no time do you break a sweat and do intense cardio and toning.

Every time you enter the room, upbeat energy will pull you towards the floor, and the latest numbers will make you indulge in the world of Zumba fitness in no time.

Best Zumba Classes in The Hague

Latin Soul Dance is the undisputed place to go if you are looking forward to embracing Zumba in your life. You will find a friendly group and international community to dance and share all together!

Our beautiful studio and flexibility to organize sessions are extremely interactive and will make you feel proud about your choice of going with us.

No membership or monthly subscriptions, dance when you want and when you can!

Win-win deal.

Best Zumba Classes in The Hague


With Salsafit, get closer to the Latin culture and the fitness steps cardio workout. You will be sweet!

 It's A Combined Love For Fitness And Culture

For me, Salsa is much more than a dance form; it's a living emotion. Whenever
I introduce myself as a Latin dance trainer, the first thing that pops into others' mind is Salsa, and I can't blame them.
Salsa is an integral part of my growing up, and I have lived my entire life grooving to this peppy, romantic, intense, yet graceful dance form.

Through my Salsa classes in The Hague, I aspire to live the best of both worlds where fitness and Salsa exist together like a power couple.

Salsa in The Hague

It's From Basic To Perfection

Complex dance moves follow in our imaginations the moment we hear Salsa. Indeed it's an intimidating dance form to master.

Still, with our Salsafit initiative, we ensure that everyone enrolling in the classes can learn some basic steps and take the journey ahead with a few elegant stunts.

It will all be fun.

Take The Plunge Now!



Are you looking for an exciting ladies' night out?

Then we have a better plan than chick-flicks and wine; it's an opportunity by Latin Soul Dance to do something new and fun together.

Attention ladies! Bring your girlfriends, sisters, colleagues, aunts, or mother to shake the legs while wearing an oh-so-elegant black dress and high heels (it's a code, just for the pictures). We want you to be most comfortable in terms of dressing and footwear selection for the real dancing fun.

Hence, you can pull off anything you want and be comfortable—including tapas & drinks.

For the gentlemen feeling left out, we have an exclusive Latin Social Dance Night where you can learn and practice the basic steps for Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, and Merengue.

With our classes, you will feel the rhythm, and we suggest the most important thing is to follow your heart and feelings so you can feel free and move. 

They invite you all for Latin Soul Dance, single and couples, to enjoy the true bliss of dancing. Couples need to register in advance so that Covid protocols can be followed strictly. 


If you are the one who keeps looking for new adventures, then join Angela and Ouafa outdoors at Sportcampus Zuiderpark, Main Entrance.

The space is vibrant and big enough for having a safe dancing session in Covid times. 
See you on Saturday morning at 11:00

Out Door Zumba Classes in The Hague
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