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I love sharing my culture with you, mamacitas, and papacitos.

Salsafit is a dance-fitness workout that combines different Salsa styles such as Salsa Choke, Boogaloo, Salsa Cali, Salsa Cubana, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa NY, and Los Angeles Style, etc.

In this class, we will do easy-to-follow basic Salsa steps to different types of Salsa music, so you can dance along and work up a sweat.

In addition, we will be working each month on a bit more detailed choreography so that you can learn more about this beautiful dance.

Wear comfy workout clothes, sports shoes, and a water bottle for this class.

With Salsafit, get closer to the Latin culture and the fitness steps cardio workout. You will sweat!

Salsa is much more than a dance form; it's a living emotion.

Whenever I introduce myself as a Latin dance trainer, the first thing that pops into others' minds is Salsa, and I can't blame them.
Salsa is an integral part of my growing up, and I have lived my entire life grooving to this peppy, romantic, intense, yet graceful dance form.

Through my Salsafit classes, I aspire to bring the best of both worlds, where fitness and Salsa exist together like a power couple.

Complex dance moves follow in our imaginations the moment we hear Salsa. Indeed it's an intimidating dance form to master.

Still, with our Salsafit initiative, we ensure that everyone enrolling in the classes can learn some basic steps and take the journey ahead with a few elegant stunts.

It will all be fun.

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