Welcome to Latin Soul Dance Studio!

Latin Soul Dance Studio was founded in November 2019 by Angela Alfaro, who has dance and music as an integral part of her life! The beats of Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, etc., can work as a meditative shield against all the negativity.

The founder of The Latin Soul Dance Studio was born in El Salvador, where dance is taught early as a curriculum in school. Growing up on the beats of traditional dances, Angela has taken her love for dance to backyards and even civil wars. She states that "dancing with her friend in the middle of the civil war saved her and her friends from hearing bullets and bombs."

Dance doesn't only help Angela to feel safe emotionally but also helps in giving her radiance and confidence physically. But unfortunately, she later associated yet another incidence of her life, where after completing her education in law and despite becoming a successful lawyer, she gained significant weight. That made her struggle with self-image and self-confidence and pushed her into an existential crisis. 

Then Zumba entered life! 
In 2005 she came across the first Zumba DVD of Beto (the founder of Zumba), and it was love at first sight, and it is still her considerable passion and love to this day! Zumba helped her lose all the excess weight, and now this 40+woman is in the best shape and looking forward to helping others too!

Zumba Fitness
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Traveling and dancing

Traveling, meeting her husband, and becoming a mother to two beautiful angels, as her life was taking a full circle, the one thing that never left her was dance.

Having an opportunity to experience life in various countries, Angela recalls how taking Zumba classes everywhere made her feel like coming home. In fact, during her residence in Sevilla, she took her passion for dance to a different dance style, studied flamenco, and became part of the salsa club. 

Zumba has given her many new friends, and she could reflect her confidence and love to the highest degree.

After meeting her loving husband in Panama and having two kids, she became a housewife.

In 2017

In 2015, Angela's family moved from Panama to Costa Rica, she was able to follow different Zumba Classes, and her instructor cheered her to take the Zumba B1 Training, and she did.

She met ZES (Zumba Educational Specialist) Heidy Torres and became a Zumba instructor. It was time to make her passion for her profession.

Angela remembers her words until this day "If you believe it, you can do it... Smile, connect! You have the magic." 
In 2018 Angela and her family made their next stop in The Netherlands.
And here again, Zumba made her feel right at home! 

So far, she has had a great opportunity and a commitment to improving her classes and teaching skills.
Everything has been moving very fast, and at the moment, she is teaching around ten classes a week in various schools and gyms in The Hague.

And now, she is beyond excited to start her studio, Latin Soul Dance, which will bring you all the Latin flavors and experiences she carries with her.

If you want to experience and develop the energy of passion and devotion to dance, you know Latin Soul Dance is the right place. 


If you want to experience and develop the energy of passion and devotion to dance, you know Latin Soul Dance is the right place. 

Angela & Ouafa Dance Events

Angela & Ouafa Dance Events

Yes, dancing soulmates exist, and Angela met her soul mate dancer, her best Zumba friend Ouafa; during corona times, they started the outdoor Zumba classes in July 2020, which was simply amazing!

Their class is full of joy and the unparalleled passion for dancing they share, which infuses the enthusiasm to the dance community they have created.

They organize many classes and events to have different theme parties check everything in the schedule.


Geweldige energie en geweldige docent!!!

Ouafa D


Earth Movingly Brilliant,

Denis F


Energetic teacher and a welcoming dance group! Every session is fun, social and simply amazing!

Jawole J


Zeer vriendelijke en goede energieke instructrices zorgen voor een goede sfeer met veel energie. "You get what you give", zodat de groep ook positiviteit terug geeft. It's all about dancing to have fun and to feel happy! .

Henk O