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Welcome to Latin Soul Dance Studio!

Hello, my name is Angela.

I am passionate about bringing the joy of dance to our community.

Dance and music have been an integral part of my life since childhood.


With my extensive background in traditional Latin dances and experience with Zumba, I have created a space where people of all ages and skill levels can come together to dance, have fun, and improve their physical and mental well-being.

Zumba came into my life! In 2005, I stumbled upon the first Zumba DVD by Beto, the founder of Zumba, and it was love at first sight. It is still my considerable passion and love to this day! Zumba has helped me shed all the excess weight, and now as a woman in my 40s, I inspire people in every class I teach, bringing them happiness and joy.

I founded the studio in November 2019, and since then, I have been dedicated to providing top-quality dance instruction in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


At Latin Soul Dance Studio, we specialize in Latin fitness dance styles, such as Zumba fitness, Salsafit, and Reggaetonfit classes designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving.

Our studio is staffed by experienced; enthusiastic instructors committed to helping our students learn and grow.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, we have a class that is right for you.

Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging, focusing on building confidence, improving fitness, and connecting with others.

I believe that dance is a powerful tool for promoting mental and emotional well-being. It can be meditative and soothing, helping to ease stress and anxiety. It can also be energizing and invigorating, providing much-needed energy and positivity.


At Latin Soul Dance Studio, I am committed to helping my students find their unique rhythm and flow on and off the dance floor.

Dance has a deep personal connection to me and its transformative power.


I believe that dance saved my life during the civil war in my home country of El Salvador.


I have also experienced the positive impact of dance on physical and mental health, having used Zumba to help me lose weight and improve my self-confidence.

At Latin Soul Dance Studio, I am proud to carry on this legacy of joy, passion, and transformation. I believe that dance has the power to heal and inspire, and I am dedicated to sharing that power with my community.


I invite you to join me for a class and experience the magic of dance for yourself.

Zumba Fitness
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Wants to know more

Traveling and dancing

A Lawyer who becomes a dancer!

As my life took a full circle, traveling, meeting my husband, and becoming a mother to two beautiful angels, one constant never left me - DANCE.

Having the opportunity to experience life in various countries, I felt at home whenever I took a Zumba class.

Even in Sevilla, I expanded my passion for dance to a different style, studying flamenco and becoming part of the salsa club.

Zumba has not only given me a great workout, but it has also introduced me to many new friends.

Through dance, I reflected my confidence and love to the highest degree.

I became a housewife, but my dance passion never faded.

In 2017

In 2015, my family and I relocated from Panama to Costa Rica, and I had the opportunity to explore different Zumba classes.


My instructor encouraged me to take the Zumba B1 Training, and I did. I met the Zumba Educational Specialist, Heidy Torres, and decided to become a Zumba instructor.

Finally, my passion became my profession.

I still remember the words of Heidy Torres, "If you believe it, you can do it... Smile, connect! You have the magic."


In 2018, my family and I moved to The Netherlands, and once again, Zumba made me feel at home.


I have been committed to improving my classes and teaching skills, and now I teach about ten classes a week in various schools and gyms in The Hague.

I am beyond excited to start my studio, Latin Soul Dance, which will bring you all the Latin flavors and experiences I carry.


If you want to experience and develop the energy of passion and devotion to dance, Latin Soul Dance is the perfect place.

Angela & Ouafa Dance Events

Angela & Ouafa Dance Events

Yes, it's true, dancing soulmates exist, and I am lucky enough to have met my best Zumba friend, Ouafa.


During the challenging times of the pandemic in July 2020, we decided to start outdoor Zumba classes, which was an incredible success!

Our classes are bursting with joy and an unmatched passion for dancing that we share, and we're thrilled to have built a community of enthusiastic dancers around us.


We organize classes and events, including fun theme parties, so check out our schedule for all the details.

Google Reviews

Geweldige energie en geweldige docent!!!

Ouafa D


Earth Movingly Brilliant,

Denis F


Energetic teacher and a welcoming dance group! Every session is fun, social and simply amazing!

Jawole J


Zeer vriendelijke en goede energieke instructrices zorgen voor een goede sfeer met veel energie. "You get what you give", zodat de groep ook positiviteit terug geeft. It's all about dancing to have fun and to feel happy! .

Henk O


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