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Life is a party! Are you ready to dance?

Latin Social Night is a new workshop.

I'm convinced about how great the feeling is to go out and dance.

So, I was thinking, what about creating our Latin night at least once per month?

Experience and discover the Latin American traditional rhythms such as Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, and Salsa.

Celebrate, enjoy the good vibes and the rhythm and let yourself be driven away by the music! 

Just close your eyes and imagine a sunny day on Caribbean Beach.

You will learn the basic steps from the main Latin dance styles during this workshop.

It is designed for all levels, whether you've never danced before and want to give it a try in a fun and safe environment.

First will be a line and solo dance to practice the basic steps and depending on the group's level and composition, it is possible to practice in couples.

Also, we are planning at the end of the workshop a group activity dancing all together "Rueda."

The goal is to teach you the basic steps, music, and how to dance in a social and fun way.



Salchata Salsa&Bachata Choreography

We call it Salchata Salsa & Bachata because the playlist combines these Latin dances.

First, we will go over basic steps and choreography. 
You don't need any experience to join our class. 
All you need is a willingness to learn a fun, new skill.
This is mainly a single dance; however, depending on the group's composition, we can practice in partners at the end.
Get a good cardio workout while learning dance steps. 
We'll guide you through the basics of Salsa and Bachata moves and then add the steps to the choreography. 
Enjoy a fun night out with your friends or meet new people!

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