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Autumn begins. 🍂🍂🍂 The last fruits ripen, and the first leaves fall. I love it because it is a time of maturation and culmination, releasing and sowing the seeds of what will bear fruit next year. We are constantly in this process; thanks very much for your loyalty; our classes are becoming popular, and this is because of you!

Let me share one little history; when I say dance is for all, I mean it. Have you noticed our new dance member? She is partially blind, but she can follow, and the main thing is she can feel our energy, her life has changed because of us!!! I believe in UNITY because Latin Soul Dance has a place for everybody and every BODY. When I look around, I am conscious, yes! Although we are DIFFERENT and UNIQUE (religion,

race, culture, size, etc.); when we move to the beat, we are ONE, and that feeling is fantastic! I am thrilled to provide this experience, a safe place to be yourself, express, move, shake, smile, sweat, and shine together. Furthermore, remember, YOU are AMAZING; say it now! Repeat, and repeat.


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